The initial idea for The Key of Tea was founded in a garage in Collingswood, NJ in 2016. For years, I have purchased teas, body lotions, lip balms, and the like from big companies; it occurred to me that perhaps I could make my own. With a background in Public Health, and an interest in a safer, more holistic approach to health and wellness, it made sense to see where this path took me. I began a Herbalism Certificate home -study course through Rosemary Gladstar, and an idea and a passion was set in motion. In an era of heightened awareness about what is going on in our environment and living cleaner lifestyles, it makes sense to expand that to what we are putting in and on our bodies as well.

What began in South Jersey in 2016 has now moved to Denver, Colorado, as we moved across country to be closer to Tim's girls. Reolcating here will also provide more resources and opportunities in this market that may not be available on the Eastern Seaboard. 

All our products were one handcrafted in small batches in Collingswood, New Jersey are now being made and a business is being nurtured in Denver, Colorado. . We pride ourselves on quality, and only source organic herbs for our tea products. All body products are cruelty free (organic beekeeping and beeswax keeps outside pesticides from entering and contaminating the hive and killing the colony), and plant-based.

Wholesome goodness for body and soul.

Natural ingredients, delicious teas, natural beauty.

Join us today on this journey to healthier, more holistic living!

~Claire Smith, Owner and Founder

        Our Products Are Free From:

~Parabens                             ~GMOs

~Harsh Chemicals               ~Sulfates

                   ~ Phthalates                                             

~Organic, Wholesome, Handcrafted Teas

Clean, Green, Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free Beauty~

We've Moved!!!